“Holy Hearts”, an association of lay faithful established to promote homeschooling among Catholic families, has as our philosophy the following statements:

(1)Our single and most important purpose is that of aiding individuals and families into a closer and more intimate union with Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who is Lord and Savior to all and to thus spread the Kingdom of God on earth.

(2)The Blessed Virgin Mary, is for each Catholic, the most complete model of the new creature formed by the redemptive power of Christ.  Therefore, let every Catholic cultivate a true devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the most loving mother of the Church.  This consists most especially in the imitation of her virtues:  above all, her faith, hope and love, her humility, her obedience, her simplicity, and her collaboration in the redemptive plan of Jesus Christ.

(3)“Holy Hearts” takes as its definitive and authoritative teaching the Catechism of the Catholic Church (published by the Magisterium, the supreme teaching authority of the Roman Catholic Church) which was specifically promulgated by Pope John Paul II himself.

(4)Homeschooling is a faithful, positive, organized, apostolic and challenging education option.  Homeschooling is not to be only a negative reaction against the public or parochial schools even though homeschooling may be used as a transitional situation while some families are seeking another educational alternative.   Parents must impart the truth to their children for the truths of our Catholic Faith are the foundation of knowledge from which all other learning flows.  From parent to child, the love for human virtues and academic excellence is passed on through example and invitation.

(5)“Holy Hearts” strongly endorses the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage, sexuality, and bioethics (e.g., divorce, fornication, adultery, in-vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, contraception, abortion, et. al.).  These actions are in direct violation of the family as created by God.  As “Holy Hearts” and homeschooling deal specifically with families and home life, it is necessary to make this philosophical connection between human sexuality and “Holy Hearts.”

(6)“Holy Hearts” is always open to new ideas and activities on how to better promote and aid the building of authentic and strong Christian homes, thereby instilling a zealous and apostolic Christian lifestyle in our families, our neighborhood, our country, and our world.