“Holy Hearts” has as our goals the following statements:

  1. To promote and encourage Catholic family life by providing a support group for families that opts to educate their children at home.

  2. To foster the 3 vocations of married, single, or religious life through our activities and experiences.

  3. “Holy Hearts” supports & fosters the family as the primary place where vocations to the religious life are nurtured & formed.  We encourage our members to be open to God in calling their children to the various forms of religious life, i.e. priests and religious or consecrated lay people.

  4. To teach the tradition and history of our Holy Mother Church, devotion to the Blessed Mother, the lives of the saints, and reverence for the Holy Father, our Pope, in our activities.

  5. To sponsor trips to religious shrines, churches, and places of interest of the Catholic Faith.

  6. To furnish opportunities for field trips relating to Art, Music, History, and Science.

  7. To provide Catholic playmates for our children.

  8. To provide communication through newsletters, meetings, and phone chains. To provide communication through the group established newsletter (“Holy Hearts Herald”), mailings, announcements, meetings, emails, and phone chains.