Core Structure

Holy Hearts Roman Catholic Homeschoolers of East Texas philosophy is built on a core structure:

First Core:  Traditional Roman Catholic 

“Holy Hearts” has as its foundation and guiding principle total fidelity to the teachings and sacred traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, primarily to the Holy See of Peter, and to the diocesan bishop teaching in communion with him.

Second Core:  Faithful 

“Holy Hearts” encourages faithfulness and loyalty in every aspect of Christian life:  relationships with God, with the church, with one’s neighbor, at work, at school and as regards duties towards the state or nation.  

Third Core:  Positive

“Holy Hearts” views homeschooling as a positive educational alternative - not merely a negative reaction against public or parochial schools.  Homeschooling is a way that parents can nurture, train, and educate children and pass on faith and culture to the next generation.  “Holy Hearts” believes that a positive spirit should be echoed by homeschoolers within their parishes to help build up the community of the faithful.

Fourth Core:  Organized 

“Holy Hearts” offers organized and structured activities that support the teachings, devotions, celebrations, traditions and history of our Holy Mother Church.  “Holy Hearts” has leaders who are committed to “Holy Hearts” mission and philosophy.  Each participating family is encouraged to coordinate and sponsor the planning of one activity throughout the school year.  

Fifth Core:  Apostolic

“Holy Hearts” like all “lay faithful are entrusted by God with the apostolate by virtue of their baptism and confirmation to spread the Gospel teaching and win souls for Christ.”  “Holy Hearts” apostolic perspective is reflected in programs that focus not only on the religious and academic development of its young members but also on spiritual and corporal acts of mercy.