Code of Conduct

Standards of Conduct for Events and Field Trips

At “Holy Hearts” events, we must remember to present ourselves in a manner that is consistent with our faith, virtuous in behavior, and honorable to our fellow home educators.   Individuals and families represent all homeschoolers collectively.  Please follow the Standards of Conduct.  The consequence of not taking these standards seriously jeopardizes the opportunities for all not just those misbehaving.

Participants should arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to the event start time or at an earlier appointed time.  

Students should be controlled, submissive, responsive and obedient.

Students stay with their parent or designated adult---no running ahead.  (Parents, please watch your children!  Arrange with another adult to watch your child for a minute if you must attend to the needs of another child.)

Touch things only when permitted.  Pet or feed animals only when permitted.  If the children are instructed to not touch, please enforce it.

Hands and feet should be kept to themselves.  No kicking or hitting.  

Students must stay quiet if an adult is talking.  It is a matter of respect.

Students need to raise their hand if asking a question in a group.

Clothes should be clean, neat, appropriate for the outing and modest in appearance.  

Hands, fingernails, face, and teeth should be clean and hair should be washed and combed.  Let’s present ourselves as well groomed and attentive to hygiene.

No public display of inappropriate affection between students.

Adhere to age limits for specified events.  Age restrictions are in place for a reason.

All students are expected to meet the highest standards of behavior and public decency.  We represent homeschoolers and Catholics alike.

Field Trip Uniforms:  Clothing should consist of navy pants/skirts and red shirts. Uniforms should be worn at designated field trips to maintain an atmosphere of unity, structure, and organization.