"Holy Hearts" has its foundations in the teachings and Sacred Traditions of the Catholic Church.
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    "Holy Hearts" encourages faithfulness and loyalty in every aspect of Christian life.
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    "Holy Hearts" views home schooling as a positive educational alternative not merely a negative reaction against other schools.
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    "Holy Hearts" offers structured activities and leaders committed to our mission and philosophy.
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    By virtue of Baptism and Confirmation, "Holy Hearts" are entrusted by God to spread the Gospel teachings and win souls for Christ.
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Welcome to Holy Hearts

You found us and we're so glad that you did!  Our group began in 2005 and each year we continue to grow in numbers and energy.  Our founding families worked closely with priests in Tyler to establish a group that was in union with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, primarily to the Holy See of Peter, and to the diocesan bishop teaching in communion with him. 

Through the activities and functions of Holy Hearts, it is our desire that each of the faithful strive toward sanctification along the pathway of life that will bring us to our heavenly home in the company of the blessed Angels and Saints.

So, take some time to look around the site and become familiar with us.  We would love to get to know you too.  

Did You Know?

We are the first registered Catholic Home Schooling Group in East Texas and approved by the Catholic Diocese of Tyler, Texas

Tyler State Park


Early Friday morning, I was so excited to climb into the van and drive to Tyler State Park for the Holy Hearts fishing field trip!  Everyone arrived at 9:45 and drove to the boat ramp to meet Ranger Sanders.  He was very nice and brought along a fishing game to teach us how to cast.  We practiced on a plastic blue tarp and plastic fish.  We were practicing pole safety as well. Some people “caught” one, like J.T. and some people didn’t catch any, like my sister Claire.

After we finished that lesson, he taught us about different fish and what we could and couldn’t keep. Plus, we learned some Texas state facts like the state flower, tree, large and small mammal and the state fish.  After that, we were released to fish in the lake.  Most people fished off the bridge and some , like myself, fished off the boat ramp.  We all used corn as bait and I used my lures.  I’m pretty sure at least three people caught small fish, but hardly anyone else was successful. However, it was thrilling to be outside with friends in nature. Overall, we fished for about thirty minutes and then headed to the playground for lunch. We ate quickly and then started a group wide game of tag. It was a sensational time and nobody got hurt.  God blessed us!  In the end, Nicholas, William, and I went to feed ducks.  One duck came up and ate out of my hand! Guess what?  I found two fishing lures and Nicholas found a piece of Redwood tree.  Also, we witnessed two people flip their kayaks over.  I felt sorry for those guys. Before everyone left, the moms had a small meeting and prayer and all of us signed cards for kids who were too sick to make it.  That evening before crawling into bed, I thanked God for providing such a great Holy Hearts group and an excellent day.

- Written by: Zachary Ellis